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What Our Care Team Say About Working at Holm

We’re really proud of all our carers who work as part of our care team. They are part of the top 1% of carers who look after the elderly in their own homes and represent everything we are looking to change in elderly homecare. This is what Jess had to say about working at Holm Care

“I’ve worked for companies that take advantage of it’s carers, ignoring how I felt when they added more clients to my list. There are so many fantastic carers out there who really do care for their clients, and it’s a shame the companies they work for are not like Holm Care.

I’m not being pushed by deadlines, targets and box ticking. It makes an immense difference to how I feel, how much time I have for my clients, and how I can make them feel.

If only more people could see the way Holm works and how beneficial it is for the elderly, their families, and also the carer, I think more people would turn to the Holm way of caring.

Our elderly clients and their families get to choose who cares for them or their loved one, while carers can decide whether to take a client on and what kind of work-life balance they have. I personally never thought I could have this and be better paid. I’m proud to be working at Holm Care.”

We’d like to thank Jess for her kind words. If you’d like Jess or any of our care team to help you, please contact our care experts who would love to help.

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