I am a Care Worker. How much do I earn?

You’ll be earn far more than you normally would through most care agencies. For a start, each appointment is for a minimum of one hour, giving you lots of time to provide great care. Secondly, you’ll be able to earn £10 per hour 8am-8pm Monday to Saturday; £12 per hour 8pm-8am Monday to Saturday; £15 per hour Sundays and Public Holidays.

How much does it cost?

Great care is priceless. That is why we help keep your costs to a minimum. Unlike most care agencies, we are transparent about the rates and you don’t have to try and negotiate a better deal. Our basic rates are £12 per hour 8am-8pm Monday to Saturday; £14.40 per hour 8pm-8am Monday to Saturday; £18 per hour Sundays and Public Holidays.

Who do Carers work for?

All Care Workers listed here are self employed work as contractors for their clients.

What if there is a dispute?

If in the unfortunate event that there is a dispute, Holm will look to mediate between all parties and resolve the matter as quickly and fairly as possible.

Is Holm registered with the Care Quality Commission?

No. Holm is an introductory service and does not provide care. We are therefore not required to register with CQC. Individual self-employed carers do not have to register with CQC either. We do, however, want to ensure the highest levels of care and continuously use your feedback so that only the best carers are available on Holm.

According to regulatory guidelines published by the Care Quality Commission, "introductory agencies" who impose no control over ongoing care provision, but introduce carers and provide other ancillary services to facilitate a carer/care seeker relationship, have no statutory requirement to register with the CQC. Holm is therefore unable to offer services such as changes to a care plan, increased frequency or intensity of care visits, back up rotas or otherwise effect control over the delivery of the care by the care worker. Care workers who provide personal care on a self-employed basis also have no requirement to be registered with the CQC providing the services offered do not extend beyond personal care. Holm does however provide a suite of complementary services as part of the care contract that enable a customer to monitor the carer’s performance. Holm does not and is unable to monitor individual care performance.

How are carers checked?

Only the very best carers are able to provide their services on Holm. We use our experience to check their skills and qualifications. We also make sure everyone has a criminal record check. We set the bar very high. Only if carers are good enough to look after our loved ones, are they good enough for yours.

Our rating system and your personal feedback also helps ensure that everyone in the community receives great care.

Can I cancel a booking?

Absolutely! We understand that sometimes you need to make alternative plans. You can cancel single appointments or whole bookings. We ask that you do give at least 24 hours notice though, as Carers do plan their lives to help you. We can waive this rule under exceptional circumstances such as emergency medical treatment. Please do contact us if you need help.

In the event of a whole booking being cancelled, we may contact you to see how we can help and to arrange any reimbursements.

Can I make alternative arrangements with carers without Holm?

No, Holm’s service is carefully balanced to ensure a quality service for everyone and makes sure that we can help when needed. Trying to make alternative arrangements jeopardises the carer’s future. People can be excluded from Holm for breaking our Terms and Conditions, as well as having to make additional payments in order to help protect the community.

What happens if I am not happy with a carer?

In the unlikely event of a carer providing poor service, please contact Holm straight away. We are here to help and want to resolve any problems you have. We take any allegations of poor care, dishonesty, poor punctuality, incompetence or poor communication very seriously and will take action immediately if you have concerns.

Please provide as much information as possible. Holm will use this to help you decide if you need to cancel any ongoing bookings and whether or not you should be reimbursed for poor service.

It is just as important that poor care is investigated and good care is rewarded.

Can I pay carers with cash?

No, it is against our terms and conditions to pay for carer services outside of Holm. Our payment system offers a safe and convenient system for people to pay and be paid. It relies upon the honesty of all users. Failure to use it could be to the detriment of all other users.

What is the carer paid?

A 20% commission is deducted from your payment before being paid to the carer. This is an administrative and introductory fee necessary to ensure we continue to provide this service for all users. Carers are paid an minimum of £10 per hour. This is much better than conventional agencies which often take 100% commission and pay carers less.

Carers deserve a real living wage.

How do I pay?

Holm uses the same secure online payment system as many well known companies. You can use a variety of debit and credit cards as well as PayPal. Your payment details are taken at the time of booking, but payment is only taken once the Carer has confirmed the booking. Your money is held by a safe third party company until both you and the carer have confirmed the visit was completed successfully.

The Carer is then paid the following Friday. If you have made an ongoing booking of appointments, then the carer will be paid after the successful completion of each appointment, rather than the completion of the whole booking.

What is the minimum contract length?

You can book a carer for just one hour or you can book someone for longer periods on an ongoing contract. If you do have to cancel an appointment, please remember to give the carer at least 24 hours notice. They are planning their lives around yours.

How long is a visit?

We believe that 15 minutes is never enough to say hello, never mind provide great care. That is why all appointments are at least one hour. You can also book longer visits, just use the booking system to ask the carer.

Why can’t I find a carer where I live?

Currently, we only help in the Greater Manchester area. Do please send us an email to info@holm.care if you think we should help people in your area too.

Can I employ more than one carer?

Naturally. Carers can’t always be available when you need them and sometimes having two people help at the same time can be beneficial. By using multiple carers, you can ensure you receive great care whenever needed.

It also means that you’ll have other trusted carers to rely on if one decides they deserve a well earned break! You can manage all your bookings from your personal profile page.

How do I find the right carer?

Enter your postcode on the homepage and you will be provided with a list of carers in your area. You can then use the options on the left of the screen. We also suggest checking other people’s ratings and reviews of the carer. Please don’t forget to leave your own reviews too!

Do I pick my own carer or do you assign one to me?

Unlike most care agencies, you can choose the best carers for your needs. If you need any assistance, please do let us know and we’ll be happy to help. The choice is always yours.

How does Holm work?

Holm provides a safe place for families and people looking for care to find individual carers. Holm helps you find quality carers in your area and then contact them directly. You can do this by searching for carers using your postcode and filtering system to make sure you find the carers that fulfil your needs. You can then book and communicate with them through our site. The carer will then confirm the appointment or offer alternatives if they’re busy. The carer will receive all the information they need to help before coming to your home.

Once the appointment has been completed, we ask both you and the carer to confirm that everything is satisfactory so that the carer can be paid. If you forget to confirm or decline within 5 days of the appointment, the carer will automatically be paid. Please also leave regular reviews of the carers. Other people in the Holm community value your opinion.

How are you different from a care agency?

All carers are self employed and decide when they’re available to work. Most agencies have a tight control over their staff, but we impose no restrictions over carers. We simply expect them to offer great care and make sure that people are happy and safe.

We are also committed to carers earning a fair living. Most agencies charge a minimum of 80% commission, reducing a carer’s wage. We don’t. We make sure most of what you pay goes to the carer who does the work.

I can’t find the answer to my question

Please do contact us! We’re always happy to help.