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free guide to elderly care

A Complete Guide to Elderly Care

Social Care can be confusing. This comprehensive guide was written by the experts at Holm.

This free guide to elderly care uses our insights and experience to explain your options clearly.

Learn about the types of care available, the essential steps you need to take, how to access funding and benefits, tips to maximise financial assets and the rights every carer needs to know.

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Few people plan ahead for that moment when care suddenly goes from an abstract idea to a must have necessity.

When that need arises, it is urgent and tied up with difficult emotional decisions. It’s even more important to be armed with knowledge.

Knowledge that will empower and steer you towards making the best choices for you and your loved ones.

What is in the guide?
  1. Understanding the different types of care
  2. Taking the first step
  3. Arrange a care needs assessment
  4. How to pay for care
  5. What benefits are available?
  6. Your rights as a carer
  7. How to get help in Greater Manchester

Our Home Care Services across Greater Manchester include:

All of our carers are warm, friendly and reliable and experienced professionals.

We understand how difficult it can be to find great carers.
That’s why we’ve made it as quick and easy for you as possible.