Only the best carers are welcome to work at Holm. Explore how to join our dedicated team and why you should choose Holm over care agencies.

Helping you find the best homecare jobs

We understand how difficult it is for you as a great carer. That’s why at Holm we’re helping people like you find the best homecare jobs in Greater Manchester.

The Best Homecare Jobs in Manchester

When you join Holm, you join a team. It doesn’t matter what youbackground is. Whether you call yourself a personal care assistant, home carer, support worker or carer, we work together to make care better for everyone in Greater Manchester.

ANNIE B. — “I got fed up zero hours contracts and not knowing my work schedule. I feel free at last to do what matters.”

Join our team of carers

Not only do carers on Holm earn 25% more, but we make sure that all appointments are a minimum of an hour. That means you spend less time travelling plus you also have quality time with your clients. You don’t have to rush and can provide that quality care you pride yourself on, making a difference to your clients’ lives.

Care jobs aren’t like other jobs. You are trusted by your clients. They rely on you to provide personal care and to support their needs. That’s why we believe personal assistants should be recognised and rewarded for looking after the elderly.


What are the benefits of care work with Holm?

We are not a homecare agency and will treat you with respect.
We help you connect directly with elderly people who need help near you.
You get to choose who you work for, when you’re available to work and where you travel.
All appointments are a minimum of one hour. Less time travelling, more time focusing just on care.
Because you work for the client, you can develop an ongoing relationship with them.
All our carers earn a minimum of £12 per hour.
If you have any questions on why you should work with Holm, check our FAQ page. Or if you’d rather have a chat, get in touch with us  
How can I become a carer on Holm?

Only the best personal homecare assistants are able to join Holm. Being a carer isn’t a job, it’s a way of life.

All our carers must have:

Homecare Training

It’s often said that knowledge is power. We understand that care work isn’t an easy job. Being a carer requires a great deal of skill and training. That’s why we want to help you develop your super powers so you can help your clients receive great care every single time.

As part of joining the Holm team, you get access to our training partners and are entitled to free online training courses, as well as other special events.


What kind of care work is available?

We specialise in elderly care. Our clients are varied and have equally varied needs. The services our support workers provide include:

You get to choose your availability and how much/often you’d like to work.

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